We invest in ambitious teams, set to transform their industries.

Businesses in which we partner and invest typically demonstrate:

• Strong capability to deliver unique solutions to solve real problems

• High growth trajectory and scalable potential

• Product in market delivering proven results

• Passionate, capable and driven teams

• Strong and positive social, environmental or societal impact

• EBITDA breakeven achieved or close to achieved in a reasonable time frame (12-24 months)

• Focussed on rapidly scaling and internationalising in Europe and the US


Our focus is in consumer and industrial sectors which are being transformed by technology, changing consumer behaviours and sustainability demands 

• Consumer packaged goods

• Ingredients, modes of production and packaging

• Transaction channels and platforms enabling D2C/ecommerce

• Logistics and routes to market

Fairtree Elevant Ventures is based in The Netherlands 

Though we have global networks, our home-base is The Netherlands, and we seek to work with and scale companies in simple, trusted and high value jurisdictions. So we require investee company establishment domiciles and IP holding in Netherlands, UK, US or other appropriate EU jurisdiction. We also require that the majority  of capital invested is to be deployed on $/€ revenue build in Europe or US.

We are growth investors

• We focus on creating value through unlocking rapid, sensible and profitable growth

• We invest in Seed or Series A rounds

• Typical ticket size of €500k - €2m

• Seek to contribute through strongly influential but minority equity stakes of 10% - 30%, and actively engage with you in building the business